About Haldbjerg

The nature

Haldbjerg is the name of the hill where you are standing just now. To the East you have the finest view to the lake of Solbjerg Engsø and the forest of Gribskov and if you walk to the southern hillside you can enjoy views of the fields towards the villages of Alsøderup and Tulstrup.

The hilltop of Haldbjerg was dug out in the 1950’s for the exploytation of sand and gravel that was used to prepare and repair local roads. This activity left an area with steep slopes and an artificial gorge. The area was left for nature to take over, and was left untouched for more than 40 years.

A part of the hilltop was used as a graze field for sheeps and horses. The field is a protected nature area with a rare combination of plant species resulting in a abundance of biodiversity, both in flora and fauna.

Stay at Haldbjerg

All guest staying the night – whether in a tent or in a shelter – have access to a wooden table, toilet, kichenette with hot water, elektricity, boiler, wi-fi, and a bonfire with firewood. 

Please use the bonfires already installed.


Price per night: 100 DKK per adult, kids younger than 12 years 50 DKK each

Shelter booking, tent rental or booking of bonfire house from 300 DKK


Cash in an envelope in the mailbox, see instructions at the mailbox.

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Rules and regs for Haldbjerg
  • Help us taking care of nature and make Haldbjerg a nice place to stay at and a nice place to be when you have left
  • All stay and use of premises is at your own risk
  • Beware! When you approach the steep slopes – do not fall
  • Please dispose of all garbage in the garbage containers, and sort the garbage according to the directions on the containers
  • Make you bonfire on the established bonfires. Ask for more firewood if needed, do not make your own!
  • When you no longer need it, put out your fire with PLENTY of water
  • Please be considerate to other guest on the area and our neighbours.
  • Do not let music overshout the sounds of nature and the sorroundings.
  • Please let us know if there is anything you need or is in doubt of